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I’ve been seeing this picture around for quite some time. Now let me ask you this question: do you really really think that all lives are equal?
Technically and morally, yes, the world should be fair. But emotionally, I don’t think so. Think about it, when facing the death of, say, a family member and a total stranger, do you really feel the same? Would you cry for both of them the same way? Be honest. Would you really think that all lives are equal?
Of course that was a very extreme example, but it helps to explain this phenomenon where millions were sad about his death. It’s because we were affected. Steve Jobs might not be our family member, and we might not know him personally. But by his products, he changed our lives. Even though some of us don’t use any his products, it is him that transformed the whole industry, pushing it to innovate even more. Because of Apple I, there was Windows. Because of iPhone, there were Android phones. Because of iPad, there were Android tablets and now Amazon tablet. We all benefited from this whole movement. With his passion, he changed the way people see the world. He inspired millions of people, and hence millions of people will mourn him. That’s how it happened. You might think people are crazy to cry for a total stranger. No they are not. To them, Steve Jobs is not a stranger. They felt they know him, even though not personally.

I’m sorry if I come across as a cold blood monster, but I don’t know why people keep posting this picture. It’s just so irrelevant.

Like seriously, why do people believe in all these stuffs?

Why why why??? It was not the first of its kind, and why do people still fall for this? Gosh, when someone posted it on Facebook and add “is it real?”, I didn’t even bother to respond. I was like, “Isn’t it previous?”

Yet when another person shared the link, I finally realized that PEOPLE REALLY TRULY BELIEVE THIS.

I think this fact is even more surprising and unbelievable than the scam itself. I’m amazed by people’s gullibility, even in this age of information. A simple search would have revealed the whole thing as a scam (Personally, I guess you don’t even need to search to know, but that’s me)

Lastly, to those people who are seeking to exploit his death, I have no suitable words to say to you but I’ll try anyway: “shame on you.”