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In case you don’t know yet, I am somewhat  super duper happy with my new hair. And not only because i think it looks good (it does!), but also for another reason.

People who said that I was brave don’t know how long I have been wanting this haircut. 

I remember my first few days in high school, 10th grade, when I saw a classmate in a super short haircut that made people confuse her for a boy. Many teased her for that, but she didn’t give a damn. She oozed confidence. I myself started to wonder how liberating that haircut is, as if it represented some kind of freedom. The freedom from tangles, freedom from spending too much time on hair, and lastly, the freedom from being framed into a worn-out stereotype: “girls should have long hair”.

And yet when the times came, I let myself down. I didn’t live up to my own expectation.

My first attempt was in 12th grade. It failed, just because i didn’t have the gut to tell the hairdresser to cut it short all the way, not to stop at a “somewhat short” look. 

Over the years, I made the same mistake of letting people scaring me into not trying what I really want. I follow people’s advice, and the only person that got bitterly disappointed was myself, over and over again.

"That is too extreme".

"Your face is more suitable with long hair"

"Are you sure you want that?".

"I bet you won’t dare to do it".

"Maybe you should go for something a bit longer".

"You are too girly for that"


Until one day I decided that I had enough. That I really do know what I want. That the noises of other people’s opinions can no longer drown out my own inner voice.

In short, it’s been long overdue.

I remember someone said “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

But how many people can escape change, really?

How can people grow up without changes?

Changes could be bad, but they could be good. Sometimes they are necessary. Nobody stay the same forever, nor should they. Because that’s how human evolved. We learn, we adapt, we change.

And for some of us, we crave for changes.

Because that’s the only way new things come to your life.

1. Recently I feel like my thoughts are dominated by work-related stuffs. Either it’s about a client, a new campaign, or my future path. I wonder if it’s making me boring, someone without any depth? :(

2. So about my career path. 

I’m not the type of people who like to jump from jobs to jobs, definitely not. I’m too timid for that. There’s nothing I wish for more than finding a place where I can settle down. I hate job hunting very much, just as much as I hate drowning in the sea of information, or just as much as I hate rejections. And yet there was always something that either push me out of my comfort zone, or pull me away.

This time, it’s a pull factor. I was not actively seeking out, but once the opportunity came knocking on my door, it would be a crime to let it go. I knew I couldn’t afford questioning myself “what if”. The decision came easy.

And so next month, there will be another really steep learning curve. I’m anxious, yet excited, especially when thinking about the clients I’ll be working with.

It’s like watching your life making a turn. I know I’ve been waiting for it. I better not screw it up :)

Sometimes there’s a certain way that people want to be appreciated. You know, like how you always secretly wish you were good at something. You thought to yourself, hey maybe you were pretty good at it, but then nobody have ever told you so. It seemed that nobody else really ever thought you were good. So eventually you forgot about it. You accepted it, you admitted that you are not that special. Nothing special. 

And then suddenly one day somebody just randomly passed by, crossed your path,  and told you “you seem to be quite good”. Then they continue on their route, leaving you dumbfound behind. 

Time passed, and nothing much changed, really. No this is not one of those stories where a whole life changed completely just because of some comment. Life goes on, and you go on being an ordinary being, without anything special.

But this time, you keep with you a piece of memory where you once momentarily shined.

I rather like Facebook. (I’m talking about the company, not the product)

I like Facebook for their guts. It takes a lot of courage to make radical changes to a social network of this size, and yet they kept doing it. Facebook has evolved so much from the time when it just came out, and it still hasn’t stopped. In my view, Facebook is such a young, fresh and energized company that moves with a terrifying speed. Having the biggest product of its kind, yet the company has no intention to sit back, relax and maintain the status quo. Every time they introduce something new, inevitably there were angry users who reacted aggressively, boycotted them and closed their accounts and whatnot (you just can’t please 800 millions of them all, can you?). Yet nothing could stop the company from making even more changes. I think that’s quite awesome.

The Timeline interface is probably one of their biggest transformations recently. Frankly speaking, it might not be the best way to organize the home page. The “events” keep jumping around when you expand them. Some of the events are hidden, and some are shown, depending on how Facebook see fit. All in all, it is not straight forward and user friendly enough. 

But I still like Facebook, for its effort to renew itself. It is a young company, and it’s trying to prevent the product from becoming old and boring. With all these changes happening quite often, I still look forward to new and surprising changes to the social network we all thought we knew so well.

But I’m excited because I’m young and I like to see new things (not to mention that I’m rather vain and like to be the most updated… but that’s beside the point…) When Facebook starts rolling out the new interface by batches, I start seeing my friends complaining about it (more complains than compliments, that is). The problem with Facebook is that it’s not some hip product for a niche audience of young social media enthusiasts. It was built as a product for everyone, and that was how it achieves its status nowadays. Of 800 million users, there are people who don’t like changes, and there are people who are unable to keep up with the pace. Try to explain to my mom how to adjust to the new changes. Or my aunts. Or even my dad. 

Conclusion? I think Facebook is having an identity issue (like a teenager). Mark is young, Facebook is young, and their culture is young, but Mark’s vision is for Facebook to become a network for everyone, a product so common and so essential that people just have to use it as part of their everyday’s life. Well obviously not everyone appreciates so many changes to the network that they are so used to.  

Well if you were not living in the woods, you would have known all the talks around how Chinese workers are being tortured in China to make Apple products. No doubt, the situation is bad. 

However, do you actually think that the only evil culprit here is Apple? Hey I’m not an Apple fan, I don’t own any single Apple products. And yet I’m finding this increasingly ridiculous that everyone is blaming Apple for this.

I’m not saying that Apple doesn’t have to do anything to stop the worker abuse. They should, and they are doing a lot of things to try to prevent it. But it’s not only Apple that is responsible for the issue. How about other electronic companies, you think they don’t try to cut cost by outsourcing their manufacturing to China? If Apple is the only company taking some action, little is going to improve. So while you are pointing your fingers at Apple, shouting at them, other companies are getting away with it. Isn’t it much better if we turn to other companies and demand for some actions, too? Isn’t it gonna be a much bigger pressure on the Chinese manufacturers to change their working conditions, when every company are demanding the same thing, instead of just Apple?

Be angry with Apple all you want, just don’t let others get away so easily. 

Windows has never been a symbol of coolness, nor prettiness. That crown belongs to Apple. And yet today I found myself desperately wishing for a Windows phone, simply because the interface was too beautiful to resist.

The interface was so sleek, so elegant, so smooth and most importantly, so damn playful. Every time I swiped the screen, I was taken away by the transition. When I swiped from left to right, the screen didn’t simply move right. It flipped, showing me thin layers of text, beautifully and delicately. It was like dancing, it was like music, with all that swift and gentle movements.

I know the market for Windows phone is limited right now. There won’t be a lot of apps for Windows phone. If I use one, I run the risk of being frustrated for not being able to find some much needed apps. I might have to use some default services, which belong to Windows (thinking about Bing Search and, worse, Bing Map makes me want to kill someone).

But, who cares about functionality if you can be THAT beautiful?!




I’ve been seeing this picture around for quite some time. Now let me ask you this question: do you really really think that all lives are equal?
Technically and morally, yes, the world should be fair. But emotionally, I don’t think so. Think about it, when facing the death of, say, a family member and a total stranger, do you really feel the same? Would you cry for both of them the same way? Be honest. Would you really think that all lives are equal?
Of course that was a very extreme example, but it helps to explain this phenomenon where millions were sad about his death. It’s because we were affected. Steve Jobs might not be our family member, and we might not know him personally. But by his products, he changed our lives. Even though some of us don’t use any his products, it is him that transformed the whole industry, pushing it to innovate even more. Because of Apple I, there was Windows. Because of iPhone, there were Android phones. Because of iPad, there were Android tablets and now Amazon tablet. We all benefited from this whole movement. With his passion, he changed the way people see the world. He inspired millions of people, and hence millions of people will mourn him. That’s how it happened. You might think people are crazy to cry for a total stranger. No they are not. To them, Steve Jobs is not a stranger. They felt they know him, even though not personally.

I’m sorry if I come across as a cold blood monster, but I don’t know why people keep posting this picture. It’s just so irrelevant.

Like seriously, why do people believe in all these stuffs?

Why why why??? It was not the first of its kind, and why do people still fall for this? Gosh, when someone posted it on Facebook and add “is it real?”, I didn’t even bother to respond. I was like, “Isn’t it previous?”

Yet when another person shared the link, I finally realized that PEOPLE REALLY TRULY BELIEVE THIS.

I think this fact is even more surprising and unbelievable than the scam itself. I’m amazed by people’s gullibility, even in this age of information. A simple search would have revealed the whole thing as a scam (Personally, I guess you don’t even need to search to know, but that’s me)

Lastly, to those people who are seeking to exploit his death, I have no suitable words to say to you but I’ll try anyway: “shame on you.”

He knew, he certainly knew.

I’m not an Apple fan. I don’t even own any Apple product, although I’m surrounded by Apple fan boys. I didn’t feel much when he announced his departure from Apple. 

However, an SMS arrived this early morning made me so shocked, and then, when the reality sank in, tremendously sad. 

A brilliant life, well lived until the last days. When he left Apple just more than one month ago, I didn’t know that this day would come so fast. It felt like over night. Even at the end of his life, while fighting a losing battle against cancer, he didn’t stop working, didn’t stop creating, and didn’t stop surprising the world. In fact, toward the end of this life, he has become even more innovative, with iPhone and iPad, the two products that transformed the whole industry and shook the world. Maybe that was something that made his death seem so sudden, so shocking, even unfair to his fans. It’s hard to believe that such a brilliant person, someone who was still full of passion and energy, someone who was at his peak, had to leave so early. It was like what Mike Arrington has tweeted, “People like Steve Jobs are supposed to live forever”, he was too huge a loss to accept. 

Eventually, even he, the extraordinary, the visionary, the revolutionary Steve Jobs, one that changed the world, couldn’t change the hand of nature.

It took so much to have the Steve Jobs that we used to have. It was not only courage, passion and talent. It was also all the dots in his life, his origin, his stories, all the “mistakes” that he made, his being fired from Apple, and, hell, even the very sickness that has killed him:

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.

It is gonna be a long time before another Steve Jobs comes along.